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The line GP & Baker recently collaborated with the clothes store H&M. For a short period of time you can purchase clothing and match/coordinate with your furniture7526 and walls. Check out some of the great options. We thought it would be fun at the shop to purchase some to wear to work and show our customers.


This is the pattern Magnolia. It comes in 2 different color ways, cream/blue and biscuit/sand.

Carolyn is wearing the shirt which comes in the cream/blue color way.

Cordinating Fabric

This pattern is Fretwork and comes in 2 color ways of a cut velvet fabric and 6 color ways of wallpaper including a gold and black foil. This was my favorite pattern as I love geometric patterns.

The coordinating fabric pattern for the pattern Fretwork is a cut velvet fabric shown here.

The Hydrangea Bird comes in 2 color ways. No one chose this pattern to wear but we really liked it and wanted to showcase it with the other patterns.

Check out how H&M/GP and Baker transformed this pattern into some really fun outfits.

Rebekah is modeling the Oriental Bird pattern in a white background.

Miranda also choose the Oriental Bird pattern but chose the black background. She is modeling her dress in front of our newly installed Queen of Spain wallpaper and Uttermost lamp.