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Magnolia Home: Wallpaper by Joanna Gaines

When it comes to making a house a home, there is no better team for the job than Joanna and Chip Gaines. Following the success of their HGTV television show, “Fixer Upper,” the Gaines’ have continued to grow the Magnolia brand into a number of successful businesses. From physical brick and mortar stores to a bakery and a restaurant, the husband and wife team continue to build their empire centered around their home base in Waco, Texas.

Inspired by her authentic and down to earth interior design aesthetic, Joanna teamed up with York Wallcoverings to create Magnolia Home Wallpaper by Joanna Gaines. Featuring a large selection of designs that can work for a number of differently styled rooms, the collection features everything from bold and contemporary geometrics prints to soft and romantic florals.


Perfect for a contemporary style dining or living room, the Fairy Tales and Willow design by Magnolia Home Wallpaper by Joanna Gaines can add a sense of playfulness to any room. Softened by soft tones of blue, green, yellow and pink, the wallpapers can serve as a fun backdrop for modern tables and chairs punctuated by textured accent pillows and minimal dishware.

To create a comfortable home office environment that promotes a sense of focus and calm, consider the Noteworthy design by Magnolia Home Wallpaper by Joanna Gaines. Available in tones of grey and green, the wallpaper would look great paired with a stark white or warm toned wooden desk with elements of white and green added in.

"Wallcoverings have the ability to completely transform a room and make a unique statement. Whatever you choose, whether a bold or subtle pattern, I hope these designs personalize your space and help tell the story of your home." - Joanna Gaines.