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Articles about the different brands we carry.

Luxe Retreat by Lillian August | Mahones Wallpaper Shop

We recently recieved this wallpaper collection in Mahone's Central Virginia showroom and I thought it was a great idea to make a video and blog post explaining each of these wallpaper patterns and what makes them unique. If you are in Lynchburg, VA you can swing by our shop and see this book and many others in person! If you are unable to come to Mahone's Showroom, you can order a sample of any of these patterns via our website.


Southport Floral Trail LN11102

This floral print wallpaper pattern is one of key prints of this collection. It is used while promoting Luxe Retreat and is offered in the largest variety of colors. The grey colorway does have a bit of a sheen it is almost a metallic silver. I would highly reccomend ordering a sample before a full order for that pattern in particular colorway. The floral bedroom wallpaper would also work well in many other places in your home. It's use of negative white space makes it feel more open and keeps a room feeling bright and open.

Rugby Gingham LN11502

This gingham wallpaper pattern is a large scale geometric with a bit of texture. It almost has a faux grasscloth or linen texture but it is printed on paper not vinyl. This Blue and cream pattern also comes in Monoghromatic Green, grey, and blue. The blue and cream colorway has the most contrast compared to the other three prints. This Seabrook wallcovering is great for a statement wall and pairs well with navy furniture.

Plumosa Tile LN11000

This Seabrook Wallpaper pattern is a perfect alternate to tiling a backsplash in a kitchen. This pattern comes in multiple colors including grey, blue, and black. The one pictured in the black color way. My personal favorite tiling wallpaper in this collection is the grey color way. The Grey color has lower contrast and will make a kitchen seem more tidy and streamline the space. The places I would suggest putting this wallpaper would be anywhere you are interested in wall tiling but would like to save money. Similar to a faux grasscloth, this pattern is like a faux kitchen tile or faux bathroom tile.

Block Trellis LN11502

This blue geometric wallpaper pattern is perfect for an accent wall. Trellis wallpaper pairs well with floral and abstract patterns either with coordinating wallpaper or with fabric throughout the same room. The Block Trellis print is also offered in a pink wallpaper, grey wallpaper, and a reverse grey wallpaper print. The blue trellis pattern has the highest contrast of all of the colors and would make the largest statement in a room.

Osprey Faux Grasscloth LN10300

Faux Grasscloth is perfect for a more luxurious design but it can be used in a more wide variety of rooms. This wallpaper can be installed in more humid rooms than traditional grasscloth. This wallpaper will also be more durable and easier to clean. This paper can be put in bathrooms and kitchen where an organic grasscloth would not be able to be hung. The faux grasscloth in this book comes in three different colors. There is a light grey faux grasscloth, dark grey faux grasscloth, and a blue faux grasscloth. The one pictured here is the light grey faux grasscloth print.


Grasscloth it an organic material and we do not reccomend installing this product in rooms with high humitity. Bathrooms with a shower and kitchens would not be good places to put grasscloth. We also don't reccomend putting stringcloth in a humid enviroment, it tends to hold in the moisture and not dry properly.

Jute Grasscloth

This type of grasscloth has wide bades of grass with more frequent knots. This means it gives a room a more organic look. This grasscloth may have more variation in grass width and in color throughout the Wallcovering. Because of the variation I would highly suggest ordering a sample of this Grasscloth wallpaper before ordering full yardage. The Luxe Retreat book only has one pattern in this type of material, that pattern is LN11812. This muted navy blue grasscloth is similar to the grasscloth Joanna Gaines has in her Magnolia Home Wallpaper collection.

Sisal Grasscloth

This type of sisal wallpaper has smaller blades of grass and less knotting. This provides texture in a room while maintaining sleek elegance. I suggest looking at the full Luxe Retreat book on our website to explore the wide range of colors this pattern is offered in. Sisal Grasscloth Wallcoverings are a common staple in textured wallpaper and this Lillian August collection does a great job of capturing its versatility.

Abaca Grasscloth

Abaca Grasscloth wallpaper has both a vertical and horizontal weave this means the seams will be slightly less noticeable from strip to strip than the previous grasscloths. This is still an organic texture and will vary in color as well as width in the blades of grass. Both of these prints have a slight metallic finish painted on the grasscloth. This adds a subtle flair to this grasscloth, so it not only adds texture to a room but also some light.


Paperweave wallpaper is a great balance of a textured Wallcovering that is not as organic. This paper will have a set width and color it will not vary as much as a grasscloth. This means the seams will be much less noticeable. These two patterns also have a horizontal and vertical weave, which also helps with hiding seams in textured Wallcoverings.


Regent Flamestitch LN11202

This string cloth wallpaper pattern has a chevron ikat look with white strings overlaying the print on the paper. This textured wallpaper should not be installed in a humid room like a bathroom with a shower or a kitchen. This pattern comes in multiple color ways including pink, green, blue, and blue with tan. This abstract geometric wallpaper pairs perfect with a small scale floral fabric.

Palm Frond Stripe LN10500

This pattern is a more formal stringcloth wallpaper than the Flamestitch. The palm graphic is printed on paper and white string is woven overtop. The perfect combination of a print and a textured wallpaper. This vertical botanical striped Wallcovering is perfect for a formal dining room or formal living room. The Palm printed wallpaper is also offered in a light grey color.


Washed Shiplap LN11600

This vinyl comes in two different colors, It is the perfect alternate to putting exposed wood in a room. Vinyl Wallcovering is common in Commercial Wallcoverings because it is durable, easy to clean, and can easily hide imperfections. Vinyl Wallcoverings also offer a wide range of texture that paper would not be able to provide. This wooden textured wallpaper has deep ridges that look and feel similar to a real exposed wood wall would. I highly suggest ordering a sample of this wallpaper. The washed shiplap wallcovering is also offered in a darker grey color.


Southport Floral Trail LN11901F

This is the only fabric in the Luxe Retreat Collection. This fabric is not sheer drapery fabric or high durability upholstery. This fabric would be perfect for drapery or curtains as well as accent pillows. This floral print pattern comes in 3 different colorways that coordinate with the wallpaper. The pattern pictured here is the pink color way, there is also a color way with a white background and dark blue illustration, and an additional color way with a light blue background and colorful birds.