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Articles about the different brands we carry.

A simple, easy, and inexpensive method to add a little color or texture to any room is through wallpaper. Deciding on the right creative wall covering for each room in your home or business can be very challenging. A great place to start is to consider York Wall coverings. Yorks passion for creating specialty wallpapers is seen in its offering of over 15,000 current wallpapers for both residential and commercial markets.

Creative Wall Covering Options

Should you decide to refinish your walls and apply fresh, new, and creative wall coverings your options with York wallpaper are limited only by your imagination. You can choose simple solids or meticulously created imagery. York is known for incorporating specialty materials and effects into its designs, including: - Flocked fibers - Swarovski Crystals - Embroidery - Glitter, mica, sand and recycled glass bead embellishments Adept at uniting historical and modern aesthetics, designers find endless inspiration in the companys inexhaustible archive of documents and designs dating back to the 1700s.

York's Craftsmanship

Although true craftsmanship and local manufacturing have all but disappeared from the American landscape, York works hard to retain both. The vast majority of York products are designed in-house including: murals, appliqus, and patterns embellished with recycled glass beads, mica, glitter, sand, Swarovski crystals, flock and embroidery. As York designers dream up more inventive designs, their colleagues in R&D develop machinery from scratch to bring these designs to life. Designs are readied for print by apprenticed color experts. Skilled craftspeople then print each design on one of five different types of presses - surface, gravure, rotary screen, flexo-graphic or digital. The factory hums with modern print presses running alongside surface presses dating back to 1895, the year of Yorks founding. York is the only manufacturer in the world to own and operate every type of wall covering printing press.

Yorks Environmental Commitment

Today, GREEN is more than a color. It's a movement for environmental concern that has influenced fashion and style trends. So, whether your concern is for the ecological impact on the environment or the visual impact on your interior, York offers eco-friendly wallpapers with images inspired by nature, as well as wallpapers made with real materials from nature like leaves, sand, grasses, glass beads and cork. York is committed to "being green" because it's good for the environment. York strives to create great products, made in America, that people worldwide enjoy and rely upon - and does so in a safe and fair workplace that upholds a long-held commitment to reducing its environmental impact. Mahones offers a wide selection of York Wallpaper collections. Choose from the fun designs inspired by Walt Disneys classic films to the upscale, understated patterns of the Elegance and Texture Library collections. To really make a statement, consider the vibrant scenes available in the Mural Portfolio II collection. From trendy to classic, York can make your home a show piece. It is easy to find the York wallpaper appropriate for any room at Mahones Wallpaper Shop.